How to Become a Self-Made Programming Savvy (Even When You’ve Zero Codding Skill)

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The world glorifies eminent software — spending thousands of minutes on them daily.

People appear to understand correctly that exceptional programming addresses their desires.

Behind those software are developers — developers who believe in offering solutions to the public’s problems. They have spent a good chunk of time honing their skills. And it makes you wonder:

“How can I build a superior programming knowledge too?”

Deep inside your heart sits the desire to build a software yourself — even if it’s only a simple script. You understand correctly that the craft relies on hundreds of parallel activities.

The only problem?

You hardly know where to start from or how.

But here’s the thing:

Today, the web homes multiple developers— sharing code samples, publishing tutorials, and discussing software development techniques.

To be more accurate, online supplies plenty of cost-free resources that can turn you into a coding savvy in no time.

If you’re curious about programming, you can kickoff to a running start utilizing plenty of unpaid online lessons and resources.

A starting point is all you need — getting better by improving from mistakes. But the brutal honesty is:

At the start, self-learning programming will appear impossible. You’ll feel dumb. You’ll feel like giving up.

And the best way to stay on track would be to find a beginner-guide, pay keen attention to details until you outgrow it, and then tap into practical programming.

That said, let’s quickly start with the basics.

Don’t Get Stuck on Selecting a Programming Language to Learn First

But there is nobody’s best language. Programming language doesn’t matter that much. All the weight lies in the comprehension of the data control structure and design patterns.

Every language, even the simple scripting language, has elements that you’ll use in other languages and will help you learn.

So pick the development that you want to do and get started using the language that works.

And you’ll have plenty of software development platforms to choose from. You can develop software for the web, desktop, Smartphones, or the command line.

And that calls for an in-depth exploration of each platform.

1. Desktop Scripting

It allows you to automate desktop actions with a macro program like AutoHotkey in windows or Automator in Mac. While simple, it’s a great way to start mastering programming.

The magnitude of what you can do with these automation programs might astonish you and allow you to build a solid base in coding.

2. Web Development

To build a website, you need to develop skills on:


To build any website, you’ll need to know HTML (the markup that forms web pages) and CSS (the style information that improves the appeal of the markup.)

HTML and CSS are not true language but are just page structures and style information.


After laying out a static webpage with HTML and CSS, you can add more punch to the website with JavaScript — it makes a website interactive. This language communicates with the browser.

Server-Side Scripting

Once you’re good at making things happen inside a web page, you’ll need to add some dynamic serve-action behind it. You’ll need to advance to server-side-script languages like Ruby PHP, Perl, or Python.

PHP side-server language talks to the database on your web server

Web APIs (Application Programming Interface)

An API is a programmatic way for distinct pieces of software to communicate with each other. Many modern sites have an API that allows users to include data and widgets from the websites in other applications, like Facebook and Twitter.

The Bottom Line of Becoming a Self-Made But Savvy Programmer

Absolutely, but only if you approach it the right way.

Yes, you can start learning to program online. Yes, you can slowly learn from others. Yes, you can develop a popular software that connects you with people around the world who need you and get paid pretty well in exchange.

But like anything worthwhile, it’s hard work getting there.

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