5 Ways to Give Personal Brand More Punch and Power (As Proven by Science)

Giving Personal Brand More Punch and Power

Do you ever feel like the world is ignoring your brand?

Your product’s quality is mighty fine.

You pour all your heart and soul in crafting quality. And you correctly believe in providing value to people.

Yet, it appears that the world doesn’t give you the attention you deserve.

The world appears to try to shove you into a corner and pretend that you don’t exist. And fear starts to creep in that your brand is sinking without a trace.

It is frustrating.

But here is one fact that brings everything into perspectives:

You aren’t the only one.

Nearly all personal brands struggle at some phases. And the ones that succeed take the right move — they learn how to stand out in a cut-throat competition.

They understand correctly that personal branding pays off in spades when done right.

So, if you aren’t getting results you deserve from your effort, it might be the time you read up on how to give more power and punch to your brand?

Let’s get started.

1. Craft your Voice

What makes you stand out stems from how you craft yourself.

And your voice is a critical part of you.

It is crucial that when formulating your brand’s voice, make it approachable, authentic, and memorable. Make your voice resonate with your audience. When you echo solutions to your audience, you develop credibility for your brand.

And when credibility is part of your voice in the course of showcasing your unique talent, you appeal to your audience by just being you. Better yet, combining credibility and unique voice positions you like your audiences` friend.

Once you paint a clear picture of your brand on your audiences’ mind, they`ll feel comfortable to do business with you. This starts a two-way conversation that brings your brand’s personality to life.

2. The Best Content is King

And content marketing today is not optional to any brand, including yours.

Your prospect market is searching for relevant content that can assist in answering their problems. Chances are very high that they’ll do business with you if they bump into valuable information from your content.

A website is an excellent way to start-off branding through content. When you start sharing web content, post consistently and convey value with each post.

Better yet, you can design multiple content format. You can craft infographics, videos, eBooks, podcasts, and more. The more you position yourself as a professional in your niche, the more you’ll be seen as a thought leader.

3. Tag Yourself

And your name ranking on the Search Engine plays a significant role in personal branding.

Search yourself on Google now. Do you like the result?

If the result doesn’t appeal to you, is it time you make some changes?

And position your brand such that people can readily identify you. Because your search result on Google dictates your brand.

And to create an enormous punch, identify some keywords that you desire people to relate to your brand.

4. Build an Audience

Without an audience, there’s no brand. And a pitfall for many budding personal brand maker is laboring to appeal to everyone.

A trait that makes them appear shouting to their audience rather than being the thought leader.

Instead of dividing your energy to appeal to everyone, focus on a niche, and attract like-minded people who are interested in what you offer.

Social media has tons of traffic to help you develop your tribe. 1/3 of the world population uses social media regularly. All you need is creating a rich profile in every social network — LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and any other.

5. Network Beyond Online

While social media is a substantial way to open the doors, the most beneficial connection, partnership, and opportunity come from shaking hands and having good old fashion conversation with people.

Get off your computer; meet the real world to showcase your brand. Get involved in your community and industry by attending events, interviewing industry leaders, take on speaking engagements, and meeting people face to face.

Keep your business card handy and your elevator pitch ready. Continue to grow your network; you’ll give your brand more punch and elevate your reputation. In conferences and meetings, ask a good question regarding the subject matter.

However, the best way to amplify personal brand is to share your voice with influencers, journalists, and industry leaders.

Today, Personal Branding is More Important than Ever

True, quality products create impact.

But quality alone doesn’t define personal branding. It isn’t obvious your product will sell because of the quality. If no one knows your accomplishment, how will your hard work pay?

You have to do more. And craft a strong personal brand that fits flawlessly with your business. A brand powerful enough to turn customers’ perception into profit.

Because if you don’t define your brand, others will.

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